Friday, May 1, 2009

Tyler's Update

It's been awhile since I gave an update on Tyler. Yesterday he saw his Cardiologist. He had an echo done. It showed that his vessel is still leaking. Not what they want. He is starting to out grow his artificial artery, so that means he will have his second surgery in July. They knew this would happen. He outgrew it just a little early. He did gain some weight, he is a little over ten pounds. That's a good step in the right direction. He is still on oxygen, but lost the feeding tube! He is overall doing pretty good. He has had some ups and downs, but I hope we are on the up swing. He just needs to stay well and not get sick from his siblings who have coughs. This could be life threatening for him. Try to keep 4 other kids away from a baby. Not an easy task for Jamie.
Jamie is having some challenges herself. She will have to have surgery due to a strange problem with her femur bone. It seems it has deteriorated where the femur and the hip meet, she will have to have some bone graphs done. Just what she needs. To have surgery and trying to take care of a very sick baby who is going to have open heart surgery. I tell you, this sure wasn't in the plans. She has to be very careful not to turn or move the wrong way or she could shatter her bone. This family needs lots of prayers. Thank goodness she has some wonderful neighbors who look after them.
He is a picture of Tyler. He looks so cute.